Designing your dream home has never been easier!

Urban Living

Lets us design a Lindal Home for comfortable city living. Customizable design options for city-sized lots from the existing Lindal design portfolio include:

Lindal Elements

If looking for a family home design for an urban infill lot, the newly released Lindal Elements Design Portfolio is a good place to get started. Volume 5, available to view online at, includes new one to three bedroom homes designed for narrow lots in an urban setting – the Urban Series, created by Lindal’s top designer, Scott Biles. The Urban Series demonstrates the infinite flexibility of Lindal Elements to accommodate every lifestyle and every site.

Small Treasures

If a smaller home on an urban lot is your preference, the Lindal’s Small Treasures home designs offer floor plans that are small in square footage, and have a small footprint—to make the most of a small urban lot. Thanks to the cedar home designs made possible by Lindal’s post and beam construction, even our smallest cedar homes and cabins have the light-filled interiors and open floor plans for which Lindal is famous.


As more home buyers are looking for smaller homes that do more with less square footage, Joel Turkel and his team have focused a lot of effort on making the homes more dense while including a lot of functionality. To achieve homes with reduced square footage, volume and surface area, Turkel worked to minimize circulation areas and make rooms multi-functional and transformative for those few occasions a year when you need space to entertain. Studies and offices do double duty as guest rooms, lofts that serve as extra living rooms transform into sleeping spaces, and living and dining areas can accommodate for entertaining.

Photos or renderings of urban Lindal homes