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Lindal Elements

The Lindal Elements home is a fully-developed system of parts (Post & Beam “blocks” or elements) that can be used to create an array of individualized designs that suit your lifestyle, layout preferences and your building site, keeping your budget in mind. Taking a highly disciplined approach to the legendary Lindal building system, the Elements building module utilizes high-quality Lindal materials that are fully defined and time tested. These components have been selected purposefully to maximize efficiency. Their structural capabilities, optimum dimensions, production and assembly details, and prices are predefined. Lindal designers and engineers also developed new components and modern trim systems and detailed them for total system compatibility.

This design is defined by flat, or low-pitched roofs and large areas of glass, and can be as small or as large as desired. They are typically shipped to your site anywhere in the world as a single shipment, dramatically reducing cost compared to the shipping of empty prefabricated modules. The Lindal Elements Design Portfolio is viewable on or available through Coast Cedar Homes.