Designing your dream home has never been easier!

Classic Lindals

In 1945, the Classic Lindal was conceived and developed by Lindal’s founder, Sir Walter Lindal, and has been modernized through the years. The design is broadly defined by a Post & Beam frame structure, soaring volumes aided by pitched roofs, cathedral ceilings, and open spaces, and large prow walls of glass that all inspire calm and comfortable daily living. Classic Lindals (Classic Prow, Contemporary Homes, Traditional Homes, Small Treasures, and Inspirations) offer designs ranging from small cottages to lodges and estate homes. We can also create a custom home with you inspired by one of the standard home plans or your own ideas. The Classic Lindals can be found in the Living Dreams Planbook, viewable on or available through Coastal Cedar Homes.

The Classic Prow

Classic prow home designs are made possible by Lindal’s patented post and beam engineering strengths that allow for long, unobstructed spans, open floor plans, and walls of glass. The result is our signature: a mix of casual elegance and livability. The Classic Lindal Prow design is defined by:

  • Panoramic prow windows that capture fabulous views from sunrise to sunset
  • Soaring vaulted ceilings that may be lined with Western red cedar.
  • A continuous flow of interior space through each home plan, which adds a touch of luxury combined with functionality.

Contemporary Homes

Lindal’s Contemporary home designs are created with clean lines and lower-pitched roof profiles that make a strong architectural statement. Inside, a flow of open space in each post and beam contemporary home plan provides a sense of modern luxury. More than merely a sleek and elegant look, the style of our Contemporary cedar homes follows function, creating an easy livability that owners love to come home to. Contemporary Lindal design is defined by:

  • Walls of glass that bring the outdoors inside,
  • Inspiring form combined with function,
  • Continuous flow in design creating a modern living space.

Traditional Homes

Lindal Traditions home designs are inspired by a love of the land and rich heritage of residential architecture in North America. Our Traditional home plans combine quality and craftsmanship with the easy flow and spacious, light-filled designs made possible by Lindal post and beam home construction. Starting as small as 2,000 square feet, the signature elements of a Traditional Lindal cedar home design remains true to early traditional home plans. Traditional designs are defined by:

  • Decorative posts, wrap-around porches and gabled dormers that create a storybook appeal
  • Style, materials and craftsmanship of yesterday combined with all the comforts and conveniences of today
  • Inside, an easy flow of spacious, light-filled rooms make the home a joy to live in

Small Treasures

If a smaller home is what suites your lifestyle, the Lindal’s Small Treasure home designs are the perfect inspiration for your dream home. Because our homeowners interpret “small” in two ways, our home designs do as well. You’ll find the floor plans to these home designs to be small in square footage, and have a small footprint—to make the most of a small urban lot. Thanks to the cedar home designs made possible by Lindal’s post and beam construction, even our smallest cedar homes and cabins have the light-filled interiors and open floor plans for which Lindal is famous.

The Lindal Small Treasures house designs are defined by:

  • Intimate living environment that is big on style,
  • High ceilings and open floor plans,
  • Lower maintenance and energy costs.


These inspirational home designs are custom cedar homes created to fit the lifestyles of its owners. Lindal post and beam designs make it easy to move a window, add a room or change a roofline. Some homeowners take elements they love from several floor plans and work with their Lindal dealer to create a custom home plan. Others design their custom Lindal home from the ground up—with the help of an architect or their Lindal dealer. Each Lindal home design is completely individualized to make it a dream home full of luxury. Custom home designs are defined by:

  • Designing an original Lindal cedar home plan,
  • Modifying an existing home plan to fit your lifestyle,
  • A home designed by an architect and customized by Lindal.