Designing your dream home has never been easier!

Building Your Lindal Home


Lindal homes are pre-engineered, customizable, Post and Beam structures. All of the materials for the structure are delivered to site and are assembled and finished by locally hired contractors. Each Lindal home is designed and engineered for the specific conditions and topography of the site.


Lindal has a style to suit every preference – from the timeless Classic Lindals – with prow, contemporary, and traditional design options, to the modern Lindal Elements, Lindal Architects Collaborative, and Turkel Design for Lindal Cedar Homes. Walls of glass can be designed to frame a beautiful view and open floor plans created that showcase your unique style and provide years of living enjoyment.


Definitely. Many modern Lindals designed with “flat” or low-pitched roofs have been built in cold and harsh weather locations in Canada. Each home is specifically engineered for our local conditions in Newfoundland and Labrador, including snow load and wind forces. While the roof appears “flat”, Lindal incorporates a tapered insulation to allow for water runoff. As well, Lindal’s engineers take the environmental conditions into account when sizing the posts and beams for your particular design to ensure all loading scenarios are met.


We discuss your design ideas with you, discuss the size of home that you want to build, and review your site for design ideas and suitability, all while keeping your budget top of mind.

As a start, we recommend reviewing the existing designs in the Lindal Planbooks, which can be downloaded at no cost on (or we can provide a copies to view or purchase).

In the majority of cases, initial conceptual design work is done through Coastal Cedar Homes with our contracted designer, and then Lindal completes detailed design and engineering. Lindal’s in-house design team and architect partners also often work with a customer’s architect, who creates the concept sketches.


The design, in-house engineering, architectural work, dealer services, and home materials (including lumber, glulam posts and beams, siding, windows, exterior and interior trim, exterior and interior doors and hardware, stairs, railings, decks, roof joists, and many other related materials) are included. The materials are packed in shipping containers at the West coast warehouses, shipped to your site, and offloaded upon arrival, with contents counted and checked.


Choices in siding, windows, trim, hardware, etc. are offered. There are several siding options, ranging from Metal to Western Red Cedar. Windows can be aluminum, vinyl, cedar, or clad wood. The Posts and Beams are architectural grade fir and the structure is composed of a combination of dimensional and engineered lumber. Lindal’s subfloors are high-grade plywood, with this material also typically used for roofing and sheathing.


The design process takes as long as you need it to, but once the order is placed you can figure on about 10-12 weeks for Lindal to prepare the plans and deliver the materials on site. The construction phase has many variables, but will typically be 5-12 months depending on the weather, size, and complexity of the home.


Appliances, kitchen and bathroom cabinets and countertops, sinks, lighting, other fixtures, etc. is yours to select through local suppliers to reflect your personal style and taste. We can assist in this process and/or provide referrals.


We begin by meeting with you for an initial consultation session to learn more about you, your style, the objectives for your home (e.g., main home or country get-away), where you plan to build, and your budget. If you are looking for land, through our associated real estate services, we can help you look for and purchase the perfect site based on your needs, including visiting potential sites with you. Once the land is determined, we will review the particular characteristics of the land such as topography and other unique features to suggest optimal designs, best locations and orientations for the home. We will also assist you to review the local by-laws and regulations that apply to your build.

We can then proceed with the design process:

If you wish to build a Classic Lindal or Lindal Elements home, the design is developed by Coastal Cedar Homes and Lindal’s design team in close consultation with you based on your input and preferences.

If you select a Lindal Architects Collaborative home, Lindal interfaces directly with an architect to make your design changes.

For a Turkel Design home, a collaborative design process is undertaken between you, Coastal Cedar Homes, and a Turkel Design architect.

When the design is completed and package materials have been selected (e.g. siding, windows, trim, doors, hardware, etc.), we will price the Lindal Materials Package and provide you an estimate of the expected material costs. At this time, if you decide to proceed with the building materials order, a 15% deposit on the cost of the Lindal Materials Package is required. Lindal then prepares the plans and construction documents for final approval. Before and after the order is submitted, we will help you in the process of bidding the project and selecting a local contractor.

When building permits are in place, site work preparation is completed and the foundation is underway, financing is confirmed (if applicable), and you are ready, materials will be ordered from Lindal and then delivered to your site.


We work with and can connect you with a number of qualified local contractors, who understand the product and processes. If these builders are not available where you will build, we will help to research local qualified contractors. If you prefer to work with a particular contractor or one has been recommended to you, we will speak with them, review the design plans, and ensure that they are capable and qualified to do the job. We will review all bids with you, and offer advice in selecting a contractor or other trades that do high quality work at a reasonable price.


To a large degree, the customer dictates the timeline of the design process. The design takes as long as you need it to take. Once the order is placed, it typically takes Lindal 10-12 weeks to prepare construction plans and deliver the materials to site. Once the site is prepared, the duration of the construction phase is variable for many reasons (weather, availability of trades, size of the home, complexity of the project, etc.), but it is typically 8-14 months.


The cost estimate range for a Lindal home is usually expressed in the cost per square foot of living area for everything that goes into a functioning home, both Lindal and self-supplied. This includes the foundation, the Lindal Materials Package, construction and project management costs, HVAC, fixtures, cabinets, countertops, appliances, etc. for a high quality turnkey home. The cost per square foot does not include land or site preparation costs.

Where your cost falls within the range depends on the cost of the builder and the design, for example, the number and type of windows and doors, siding type, heating system, roofing type (e.g., asphalt shingles versus a metal roof) and the finishing choices you make. Before ordering a package, we work with your builder to help them develop a construction cost estimate with your input, making sure that you are comfortable with the scope and cost of the entire project.


Coastal Cedar Homes offers site visits, consultation on the process, and initial home orientation and design suggestions at no initial fee.

Based on the degree of variation from the Lindal Planbooks, there are various initial fees charged for the design of Lindal homes, from lowest to highest: Classic Lindal and Lindal Elements homes, Lindal Architects Collaborative homes, Turkel Design Portfolio homes, and entirely custom designed homes.